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by Hornets

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released May 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Hornets Belfast, UK

Forming at a time when all those around them where trying to outdo each other with time signatures and who had the bigger pedal board, HORNETS emerged fully formed and ready. Harder, more brutal and dangerous that all those around them.

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Track Name: The Long Pig
These vultures won’t stop until our bones are picked clean.
Just like the long pig, we are meat for the feeding.

Fatter they grow, burst at the seams.
You have our corpse, we keep our dreams.
Like sailors lost, we turn to the sea.
Swallow the salt. In death well be free.

Relinquish control. Hate poisons our skin.
Feast on our flesh, and rot from within.

We need a cull, it’s out of control.
Too many faces, this place is too small.
You say that you stand by us, but you drain our life;

Mauled by beasts, worked to the bone.
Trade living a life for staying alive.
It’s just the way she goes.

You’ve worn out your stay like the soles of my shoes.
Roll the dice. Snake eyes.
It’s just the way she goes.

Life’s a bitch, she bites to wound.
Grow infected. Blood red full moon.
Win some. Loose some. Live and let die.
In the end we all fall.
Let the worms eat our eyes.
Track Name: Jon Kabat Zinn Vs Eckhart Tolle
Knives in my eyes. Rust
Rats in my skin. Feed
Chest is a pit. Black
Mined by the worms. Dirt.
Lost to the filth. Sick
Owned by the past. Dead.
Blind to the truth. Love
Mind is a cage. Safe

You can’t shake hands with a clenched fist.

The past is dead.
Fuck what’s next.
Live in the now.
It’s all you get.
Track Name: Witch-Hunt
I can feel my past mistakes in my bones as they break.
Marrow spills and seeps like secrets I can’t keep.
Blood clots like unpaid debts.
My voice falls flat like empty threats.

In my delusion I swim through a sea of bones.
And in the dark and cold I found what I thought was gold.
It was just a reflection of all that I lack.
As I reached out to hold, to collect,
It turned to ash.

Voices in my head whisper to me like the dead:
Who I am is all I have.

This is a witch-hunt so which cunt is getting burned alive?
Track Name: Sink Swim
Sweat across my brow.
Teeth clenched tight.
Salt stings my eyes.
Another sleepless night.

Sleep. I see you fall.
Sleep. I see your death.
Descent into blue.
Too deep to hold your breath.

Hold fast. Sink/ swim. Live/love. Sweet dreams.
Between the devil and the deep, through the eyes of my kin.

How am I supposed to live when my body doesn’t work?
I haven’t slept in weeks. This nightmares getting worse.

Between the devil and the deep, the eyes of my kin. Loyalty through blood.

Fear like waves hit my face.
Wear this storm like a crown.
Track Name: One Of Us
Someone isn’t who they claim to be.
In this desolate place, we are on our own.
Isolated. The cold grows restless. Winter hunts us.

Who to trust?
Test the blood.
It’s one of us.
Light them up.

Shredded long johns and misdirection.

Who to trust?
Test the blood
It’s one of us.
Fuck them up.

No one makes it. None survive.

It’s one of us.
Ash to ash.
Dust to dust.
Track Name: Hollow Bones
When there’s nothing left to take.
Drown us in the lake.

Cracked roots still grow.
In depths lost bellow.
Through dirt. Past stones.
To the graves we call home.
A bed for the seeds once sewn.
But they’ll never bloom.
You’ll never know.
We are born to create, so well all die to ruin.
Forever we’ll rest in our personal nothing.

Dead weight. We’re all just dead weight.

We can’t fly. We never will.
You can try. Doomed to fail.
Without hollow bones, the burdens too great.
The feathers won’t hold. Betrayed by the weight.

Dead weight. We’re all just dead weight.
No burden to bare. No scapegoat. Grab life by the hair and cut her throat.

When there’s nothing left to take, drown us in the lake.
When there’s no one left to break, burn us at the stake.
Track Name: Harvest
In this light we are invincible.
A formation unbreakable.
Hate is spat from my tongue.
Anxiety thrown from my lungs.
We stand four as one.
Track Name: Threads
Dead on his feet he welcomes the end and waits
For gnashing of teeth and scratching of claws.

The face that he wears is not his own.
Anchored with hooks, it rots as they rust.

We eat. We breed. Filth in the dark.
Hiding in stone, falling apart.
Footprints left like scars in the land.
With iron and steel, through dirt. Through sand.

Take a step back and make some room to breathe.

With hands that once built bridges well burn these traitors down.
A plague upon your kingdom.
A curse upon your crown.
Track Name: Trixie
Skull white pills. Everyday.
Open wide.
Head or tails. One will die.
Trapped inside.

You have no use. Like rust on knives.
Soon to be dead. Buried alive.

Lead him out. Moss covered barren ground
Blind folded. Rope. Hands bound. Burial mound.

There’s something dark that lurks deep down.
It shelters in my head, hides behind my frown.
It blackens my heart.
It borrows by bones.
Residing in me
I’ve become its home.
Track Name: Hikikomori
Despite the rot.
The sick. Decay.
The hate. The filth. Afraid.
I can see through the rain.
With a smile like hope.
She takes me away.

Forget the sun.
An endless rain
She is the light
When only dark remains.
I tie the noose
She cuts me loose
Brought back to life
Dead inside.

She is the marrow to my bones
The reason I miss home.
Track Name: Cities
Birds won’t even fly here anymore
They crawl
On mangled limbs with broken wings
Voiceless. They never sing.
Sometimes I speak out of turn
So take my fucking tongue.
Sew up my mouth. Make me bleed.
Pull out my teeth, I’ll never feed.
Pull out my teeth one by one by one.

What good would it do any one to breathe?
When our lungs are scarred
And our throats are cut
From the inside out
And from ear to ear.

This body has betrayed me
But this city, she’ll save me.
Track Name: Rivals
In this life, everything comes to an end.
We know you’re only out for yourself.
Time breaks everything that we had planned.
So let’s sharpen a stick at both ends.

Go back to a time when we all thought we’d never fucking die.

Nostalgia infects my brain.
Nothing remains the same.
Compare the present to the past.
You should have known this would never last.

So much hate I can barely see.
So much fear I can hardly breathe.

The Horror. The pain. It’s all so absurd.

Love. Hate. These lines still get blurred.
Track Name: Plainfield
A landscape.
A field as plain as day.
A building.
Its secrets scream “stay away”.

Stitch, sew. By candlelight.
Dig, cut. Keep out of sight.

A man alone can do no wrong.

Teeth, skin. These things I lack.
Hide, cry. Bring her back.

Share a mind, show the way.
Feel the dirt. What does the graveyard say?

A man alone can do no wrong.
They say he makes work for idle hands.
Track Name: Horro Vacui
I moved swiftly. Silently.
Through grass like blades.
I saw the red within the green.
It bared its teeth and I was ready for the fall.
With mist and revelation it brings the truth.
And the fox said, “Chaos reigns”

I dreamt I was dead and there was nothing.
It’s my secret fear. My best obsession.